Activate Your Workout!

  • Our Workouts Leave You Energized, not Exhausted.
  • Designed to Help Specific Health Conditions
  • Helps Middle Age to Seniors Live a Better Quality of Life
  • Features Chair Exercise and Standing Workouts

You'll love the results of increased strength, stamina and mobility with Suzanne Andrews Functional Fitness workouts designed to supercharge mid-life to older adults health naturally. With fitness DVD workouts and online fitness workouts at the right pace and the right sequencing,  you get therapeutic exercise without the $400.00 plus a month in physical therapy co-pays. 

With 2 to 3 fitness levels in every workout DVD, including chair exercises for arthritis, osteoporosis, brain power and more, you choose the pace that's right for you and progress to a more challenging workout level as you get healthier.

With Suzanne Andrews Functional Fitness method, (the original creator of Functional Fitness on Public Television), you'll look and feel years younger with every workout DVD!

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Our service continues throughout the use of your DVD workouts. Fitness questions? Ask Suzanne how to get the best out of your Functional Fitness workout DVDs!

Order Online or Call 1-877-523-4848. Our service agents are standing by 24/7.

Skip the Copay

“Just like your doctor knows what medicines to prescribe for a variety of conditions: as an Occupational Therapy Clinician, I specialize in bringing you evidenced based workouts for specific health conditions without the high priced physical therapy copays. You can start with chair exercise and progress to a more challenging workout level as you get stronger.

Check out the video to see how we help you save money on medical bills! 


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