• Younger in 30 Days Total Body Workout



    In just a month, you can be on the road to reclaiming younger joints, younger muscles and a younger heart with three thirty minute workouts designed specifically to target each of those areas. These are the same chair and standing moves Suzanne teaches in therapeutic practice medically tested to regain strength, improve flexibility, speed up weight loss and increase lung capacity.

    Skeptical if this will work for you?

    We encourage you to visit your doctor prior to  doing this workout and after 30 days to see for yourself how your heart rate, cholesterol, muscle strength, lung power and blood pressure change to that of a younger person with more energy, strength and vitality! How do we know this?  These are the same exercises Suzanne teaches in therapeutic practice to get people strong and fit in 30 Days.  Medical insurance doesn't want to pay for long so therapists must get clients fit fast! The moves in this workout have been medically proven to work. 

    Best of all, Younger in 30 Days has three levels of fitness so you can begin right away.  Order today!