Arthritis Relief 5 Disc Deluxe Workout DVD Set

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 "Suzanne Andrews is an expert in her field. Her arthritis workout DVDs are easy to follow and offer everything you need in an arthritis exercise video and workout dvd." Nathan Wei, MD FACP

Get RAPID Relief with the RIGHT Exercises for Arthritis!

What's Included?


Sitting or standing, you'll feel great increasing strength, stamina and mobility with Suzanne Andrews Arthritis Relief Walking Workout medically proven to actively strengthen your muscles and bones to ease joint pain.


Workout 1 features a two mile walk in the fabulous Butchart Rose Gardens to ease shoulder, back, hip, and knee pain with therapeutically designed, arthritis approved movements.


Workout 2 takes you through an arthritis safe 30 minute weight loss walk workout in the famous Butchart Sunken Gardens to help ease joint pressure.




  This workout DVD includes a specially designed therapeutic fitness band!

Arthritis Water Therapy 3 Disc Set Workout DVD


This specially designed 3 Disc Workout DVD/CD set features six segments focusing attention on your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and hands. With its stress releasing spa atmosphere, Functional Fitness 90 minute Arthritis Water Therapy Workout with Suzanne Andrews is truly the most beautiful water therapy workout DVD you’ve ever seen. Two levels are provided to give you a choice of doing the beginner or advanced workout.


Doing the water exercise workout on a daily basis, or even just three times each week, helps eliminate joint pain, increases flexibility, strengthen muscles, and decreases swelling.  In just a few short weeks, you feel less stress exerted on your body joints, improved circulation, balance, coordination, and fewer occurrences of painful muscle spasms.


Water Resistant Instructional Booklet

You Take to the Pool!


Arthritis Relief Workout DVD

Workout 1: Joint Integrity - Suzanne guides you with medically proven exercises she uses in therapy to strengthen and stabilize your tendons and muscles to maintain healthy joints, reduce pain, fatigue and improve strength.


Workout 2: Anti Aging -

A therapeutic program to reduce pain and stiffness while increasing your flexibility to help ease joint pain. Awarded "state of the art qualities for effective delivery and measureable results with the Boomer Zoomer demograhics" by Dr. David J. Demko, receiver of 3 Whitehouse commisions on aging. DVD Release Year: 2009

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"Top class of its type." --Google

Who better than a Certified Rehab Specialist to show you how to do each exercise the RIGHT way?!?

Suzanne’s expertise in Physical Therapy comes through as she reveals techniques that you’d normally pay $280.00 an hour or over $400.00 a month in co-pays (if you went to a physical therapist).


Hear our success stories - the next one could be YOU! 

"I've been doing your arthritis walking workout dvd for four weeks now and my knee has gone from hurting constantly to walking without pain! I also lost 12 pounds and didn't expect that so that was a plus. Thanks for answering all of my questions too. Why don't other fitness celebrities do that? Thank you so much! Linda R, Texas

"I'm 60, really out of shape because I couldn't exercise from all the joint pain in my knees and hips.  The water therapy DVD and walking DVD have been a lifesaver.  You are a blessing.  I went on vacation with my grandkids and didn't have to worry about getting in and out of the car and sightseeing on foot because it didn't hurt."  Betty D, Florida.

"I'm a fitness instructor and Suzanne is by far the best TV fitness instructor I have encountered. She emphasizes breathing and posture, both of which are so important. She gently encourages her audience while she guides them through her exercises." Judy, California


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