Arthritis Water Therapy DVD/CD/Booklet Kit


Water Exercise DVD/CD plus

Laminated Instructional Booklet Included!

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The Arthritis Water Therapy DVD from the popular Rehabilitation Practitioner Suzanne Andrews, who is a favorite with PBS television audiences and certified in Aquatic Interventions, offers a series of simple, easy to follow physical therapy moves to ease pain in your joints and muscles.

And who better than a Certified Rehab Specialist to show you how to do each exercise the RIGHT way?!?

Suzanne’s expertise in Physical Therapy comes through as she reveals techniques that you’d normally pay $280 an hour or $400 a month in co-pays (if you went to a physical therapist).

This specially designed 3 Disc Set with water resistant instructional booklet features six segments focusing attention on your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and hands. With its stress releasing spa atmosphere, Functional Fitness 90 minute Arthritis Water Therapy with Suzanne Andrews is truly the most beautiful water therapy DVD you’ve ever seen. Two levels are provided to give you a choice of doing the beginner or advanced version.

The Laminated Water Exercise Booklet is ONLY sold HERE and It's INCLUDED!

Doing the water exercises on a daily basis, or even just three times each week, can result in reducing and eliminating joint pain, increased flexibility, stronger muscles and tendons, a decrease in painful swelling, a decrease in the amount of stress exerted on body joints, improved circulation, balance and coordination, and fewer occurrences of painful muscle spasms.

If you or someone you know or love suffers from aching painful joints…if you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and make it through your day…if you want to dance, play golf, or just enjoy life like you used to, then the Functional Fitness Arthritis Water Therapy DVD with Suzanne Andrews is for you! Order today to be on your way to a pain free life!


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