Arthritis Water Therapy Laminated Booklet

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Arthritis Water Therapy Water Resistant Exercise Booklet


The Arthritis Water Therapy Booklet from the popular Rehabilitation Practitioner Suzanne Andrews, who is a favorite with PBS television audiences and certified in Aquatic Interventions, offers a series of simple, easy to follow physical therapy moves to ease pain in your joints and muscles.

This specially designed Booklet features six segments focusing attention on your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and hands.

Doing the water exercises on a daily basis, or even just three times each week, can result in reducing and eliminating joint pain, increased flexibility, stronger muscles and tendons, a decrease in painful swelling, a decrease in the amount of stress exerted on body joints, improved circulation, balance and coordination, and fewer occurrences of painful muscle spasms.

Perfect with the Arthritis Water Therapy DVD and CD.