• Total Body Strength and Conditioning

    $24.99 $19.99

     3 Total Body Strength and Conditioning Workouts!

    1. Leg Strengthening

    Get strong healthy legs in just 30 days for going about town without getting tired!

    2. Arm Conditioning

    Get rid of the arm jiggle and strengthen your arms so you can get carry your groceries, pick up the grandchildren and carry a suitcase with ease.  

    3. Vertical Ab Toner

    Get strong fit abs without ever having to get on the floor!  You won't miss the old fashioned sit ups where you tug at your neck and have to get on the floor.  You choose getting firm abdominals by doing the seated or standing version of these very effective moves.   

    Questions? Call 1-877-523-4848 9AM-7PM Eastern Time, Monday-Saturday.  

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